Friday, July 25, 2008

A New Addition to the Family

Here is my sister holding the newest addition to the family, an itty-bitty kitten. I came up with his name. He's brown, you see, and the word brown in Italian is marrone (mah-roh-neh). I also thought of how in New York, the transplanted Sicilians there would pronounce Madonna "Marron" when frustrated, so I suggested we call it Marron. In English, I guess, we'd translate its name as "Brownie."

Cute, huh? But it has a set of lungs on it!

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Frank Fucile said...

Hey Joe...that is so weird...another strange coincidence...just a few days ago we got a little kitty too...

Daisy...a cute tabby...and funny enough I got to name her as are a few pics of Daisy playing with my son Quinn...