Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Animal, Two Animals, Three Animals There Be

Walking my dog today I came across a strange animal. It's definitely not a mammal, fish insect or bird, so that leaves amphibian or reptile. It has a very hard shell, but it's not a snail. It was able to make its legs, tail and head invisible - like, totally gone! What the heck is it? Somebody told me it's called a turtle, a name that certainly sounds made up to me! They also said it makes a good soup, but I don't think so - it's too small to reach the top of the stove or stir a pot. I don't know what it would put in the soup, but it also looked to be so slow that I would be mighty hungry before it was done cooking the soup.

Anyway, I decided to bring my guinea pigs outside to the backyard to compare the so-called turtle with the guinea pigs to see if the turtle was really a different kind of guinea pig, but I don't think so. Anyway, I gave up. I picked up the turtle and threw it as hard as I could - KIDDING! I brought my guinea pigs inside and then watched this strange creature from my window. It didn't move at all and its body parts remained invisible. I got bored after watching it for 30 seconds and went to do other stuff. An hour later I went back and it was gone - GONE. So it either was able to make the rest of itself invisible or it's also able to fly, although if I could fly, I would want people to see me do it, because that would be cool. So it probably can't fly, it can just make itself invisible. Which I guess is also kind of cool.

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