Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Earthquakes in Italy, Floods in DC

There was another earthquake in Italy today, this one at a magnitude of 5.3. What made this one special is that it happened right where my sister lives! The epicenter is only 18 km from my sister's house, about 11 miles. The house shook, a bottle broke, my mom and sister got scared out of their wits but no major damage or injuries occurred.

Meanwhile, here in DC, at just about the same distance from my house that the earthquake happened from my sister's house, a huge underground pipe ruptured and flooded the aptly-named River Road with a four-foot wall of rushing frigid water this morning. Some people had to be lifted out by helicopter.

Mother Nature seems a tad upset today!

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Anonymous said...

wow I didn't realize that was so close to you...

Hope Momma and Sister are still safe.

Merry Christmas to you and your family Joe..May your Holiday be filled with love, joy and peace.